Which Aspects Have Impact on SEM?

nicolos | 2016-10-14 05:21:51


Website is the media base of SEM, the value of the site content, site opening speed, site stability and security will directly affect the user's access, so maintaining a good website operation is a prerequisite for SEM.


Optimization is a very important part of the SEM promotion strategy, and implementation of the method is not changeable, this is a gradual optimization process, KPI is the imporant part that each SEMer must pay attention to, ROI is the eternal pursuit of each SEMer.


Different industries in the penetration of the Internet is different, SEM effect is also different, the reason is due to different user groups. Doing SEM in some industries can be made into a very complex system, such as the medical industry, and some industries in SEM has reached a very proficient level, such as the education industry, and some industry SEM has just started, for example, many traditional industries.


Brand strength is great, a brand with good brand credibility in the process of SEM can get a multiplier effect. So they will emphasize more on brand communication promotion.

Search Engine Market

Each search engine's user groups have a significant difference. In China, Baidu's most popular in users, Google users tend to high-end, Soso users tend to younger, Sogou and 360 users are more similar to Baidu. And the proportion of each search engines in the market is different, and exists regional characteristics, it should be based on their own products to choose the right search engine.

Advertising Mode

Enterprises in the publicity has a different focus, advertising model also has a number of options. The new brand needs a large number of exposure, you can consider to make use of the site alliance of high show, some sites want to bring direct return on investment short-term can consider to select the keyword bidding promotion. For long-term brand operation, SEO ethods can be considered.

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