Talking about SEO Software functional Design and How to Promote

anthony jupiter | 2016-09-09 04:24:07

Many countries have the powerful SEO software, like TrafficTravis, XENU, SEO Quake, etc., online tools and software are divided into two kinds.Webmasters and SEO practitioners often use is Webmaster Tools, . And these online query tool has its limitations, can not batch query, of course, if you have paid money can buy tools. But the function is still some unsatisfactory for most individual owners, like to use the free SEO software, how to design a powerful SEO data analysis software yet.

function One: batch query

SEO team or company will maintain a number of enterprises station may be dozens, possibly hundreds. So many companies stand alone critical ranking queries per day is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. In fact, this work can be completed by the SEO software, but the software must have a batch query functions, data query outer chain growth, keyword ranking,  Google weights, etc. included. Of course, the software can batch import and export domain,

Function two: data collection
We need to do SEO analysis of competitors, so the acquisition of data is an essential function of SEO software. For example: want to find "SEO" keyword ranking the first three pages, just click the button to enter the key, the data collected URL into two categories: one is the main domain name, and the other is the URL address. SEO and can analyze the data to the site through the main domain name, such as outside the backlink, time domain, Google weights and so on. Competitor analysis data is very important, but if there is no software assistance, and statistical manual to find out just a waste of time.