Have you really done good work on off-site SEO?

nicolos | 2016-10-20 04:56:20

We all know that present SEO is no longer the era of SEO before, using only external link can make the website rank high. The present SEO has more requirement on quality external link!

I found that there are still a lot of people do not pay too much attention to their external link quality, most of them rely on the number. In fact, this is very unfriendly to search engine, maybe you rely on a lot of external link to make the site rank high, but I believe that as long as Google update, your rankings will be down. It is more difficult to rank higher after the fall, so if you find that there exist a large number of junk external link in your own website, please go to check on Google webmaster tool! But how to do external link? Here i am going to introduce 2 points.

First: the variety of external link

Here some of you are puzzled, what is the link diversity?

One refers to the link diversity: anchor text, hyperlinks, plain text, all to do, do not just do anchor text links! I believe that most SEOer know the importance of anchor text for ranking, so many of you would like to know if there is more anchor text, the better website ranking? There are many friends have such a misunderstanding, in fact, it is not like that.
It is very easy to let search engine think that you are artificially optimizing, so when we post external link, we should try to avoid this problem and try to be natural first. We need to do anchor text, but focus on important part, including plain text and hyperlinks. For example, you should made a proportion of the anchor text and external link 80%, plain text and hyperlinks 10%. Another refers to external links should not all point to the home page, but also part of the other pages, so it will be obvious relatively more natural, which will make our pages have a certain ranking. Here some people may ask, will this spread the page strength of the homepage, leading to ranking decline? There is no need to worry about this, because most of your link point to the homepage, do not worry about your inner pages, you just made a small number of links point to the content page!

Second: the relevance of external link

What is the relevance of external link? That is to go to your industry-related areas to submit external link. You can think about it, when you are dealing with a math problem, a literature teacher gives you comments and a math teacher gives you comments, do you think which is better? Another point is that the page content and site have a certain relevance.