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How to Pick a Puppy

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Before you proceed with checking tips on how to pick a puppy for yourself or your family, please, read this intro. It will save you from potential misunderstandings later.

First, this guide is not an ultimate pack of recommendations every future dog keeper should follow. The process of choosing a puppy is an individual, unique experience for every pet owner. So, moves and decisions that worked for one person may be completely unsuitable and wrong for another.

Second, the guide assumes that you already know the breed of your future pet. In other words, you are sure that your dog will be, for example, large. And, of course, you are ready to find the best wet puppy food for large breeds possible to get in your region.

Starting Point

So, after the breed is defined, your first decision to make is relatively simple. Answer the question: what exactly do you want your dog to do? Will you feel enough with a family companion, or is it necessary for a pet to be capable of doing other tasks? In case you want your dog to participate in exhibitions and competitions, or to be a good guard, then the requirements are much stricter.

Keep in mind that dog breeding all over the world has two focus directions for most dog breeds (except decorative ones). The first one is for "working" dogs. Here, breeders concentrate on the working qualities of their dogs without paying much attention to the pets' exterior. The second one is for “show” dogs, who take part in show competitions and exhibitions among pet keepers.

Of course, it is important to pick a dog of the suitable “class” and then to find the best wet puppy food to keep your pet in tonus from its early age. Otherwise, you may be unpleasantly surprised by your guard dog being unable to guard the territory as you expected.

Are You Competent Enough?

After you know your requirements for a particular pet’s functions, it is time to think over the process. A breeder will have all the puppies pretty “similar”. Will you be able to pick the best one that suits your needs?

In case you do not feel enough confidence, it might be a suitable option to invite someone more experienced to help you. Do you have a friend or a colleague that is a dog keeper? Most probably, you can find at least one person that could become your consultant. In case there is no such a mentor among your close people, then they might also know people. Go in for some networking. It will pay off.

Of course, there always is an opportunity to visit multiple breeding and keeping clubs. However, you have the right to doubt the quality of their service due to an obvious reason: they will offer you their puppies for sure.

Still, you’ll see many likely puppies either with or without a specialist nearby. What should you take into account when picking your puppy?

See Parent Dogs

If that is possible, see the parents of your puppies before revising little ones. As a rule, you won’t be able to see a father in the flesh. Though there always is a mother dog, and a father's photo will most probably be somewhere at the breeder's hand. In case a breeder refuses to show you a mother, you should refuse to take their puppy regardless of the reason.

The Rule of Six Weeks and Intuition

It is better to get a puppy after it is six weeks or older. That is the age when dogs receive their first vaccine and get used to the healthiest wet puppy food to grow up strong and lively.

Additionally, it is not recommended for anyone to pick a puppy they didn’t like after a first look at the entire brood. Trusting your intuition is wise here. In case you like the brood, go in for details.

Be Attentive

Ask a breeder to take away all puppies that don’t suit your demands. Think about that. If you need a male dog, then there is no reason to review female puppies.

Try to look at the puppies running freely: that’s the only way to understand their temper. Check which puppies are too different by their exterior or behavior: it is better to avoid too big or small ones, as well as those who are too calm or active.

Take a Closer Look and Pick

That’s how you filter the brood to get up to 4 puppies to choose from at best. These four little dogs are your focus points.

Fetch them one by one, and see how they react. A closer look will allow you to see if there are any issues with their bodies. If there are still some puppies to choose from after all the actions above, then the best option here is to take the one you like more.

To Conclude

The last but not least important recommendation is simple: do not take a puppy if there is even the slightest doubt in your mind. You spend 15 minutes choosing a dog you’ll live together for 10 to 15 years. Those years can be the time of mutual pleasure or torture. Everything depends on your choice.

P.S. Don’t forget to check the gentle giants dog food review after you picked your perfect dog. Good food is the first condition that helps your pet grow up healthy.

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